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Резинка Хоп-Ап Poseidon 70° HU Bucking for Air Cushion System (PH-A02)

Модель: Poseidon 70° HU Bucking for Air Cushion System (PH-A02)
Цена: 30руб.00коп.
В рассрочку: 33руб.00коп.

Резинка Хоп-Ап Poseidon 70° HU Bucking for Air Cushion System (PH-A02)

Brand of Poseidon has appeared on the market with an assortment of tuning parts with a quality of finish rarely seen so far. The selection of materials used by Poseidon during the production process is based solely on high class components. Furthermore, the company goes above and beyond known and tested schemes when it comes to creating parts in classic configurations and of outdated construction in favour of improved performance by implementing innovative solutions.

A bucking created for Air Cushion system patented by Poseidon. Specific build of the barrel with special protrusions (Air Relief Divergence system) and two-exhaust construction of the bucking create around a BB a sort of air cushion that reduces the amount of contact between a BB and the sides of the barrel to a minimum.

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