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Гарнитура Z041-MC (Активные наушники с микрофоном) Comtac II мультикам (Z-Tactical)

Модель: Гарнитура Z041-MC (Активные наушники с микрофоном) Comtac II
Цена: 194руб.00коп.230руб.00коп.
В рассрочку: 213руб.40коп.

Гарнитура Z041-MC (Активные наушники с микрофоном) Comtac II мультикам (Z-Tactical)

A Comtac II headset replica. The set features two microphones (one in each earphone) that volumes up sounds from the environment. The user can adjust them own preferences. Thanks to radio volume adjustment and earphones volume adjustment the both sound levels can be balanced to hear radio chatter and environment sounds clearly. The set can be adjusted to increase hearing perception or to decrease it in case the radio is not loud enough or if it distracts the user.

What is more, all hearing damaging sounds are automatically muted to the hearing friendly level. After loud sounds cease, the normal settings are restored. The set features adjustable, covered by leather, comfortable head strap which can be regulated to fit all head shapes. The microphone is mounted on elastic cable. The set is powered by two AA batteries. To be functional the headset must be connected to PTT module and radio.

We can only guarantee full compatibility and functionality of the parts from the same manufacturer. In case of using the product with complimentary products of other manufacturers (headsets, PTT modules, cables etc) we can not guarantee full functionality of the product.

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