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Ботинки мембранные HAIX COMBAT GTX цвет Coyote арт.: 206273

Модель: Ботинки мембранные HAIX COMBAT GTX цвет Coyote арт.: 206273
Цена: 590руб.40коп.607руб.20коп.
В рассрочку: 649руб.44коп.

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Ботинки мембранные HAIX COMBAT GTX цвет Coyote арт.: 206273

Upper Material
A combination of soft and supply suede,
hydrophobic, breathable, 2.0 – 2.2 mm
thick and nylon fabric.
Inner Lining
GORE-TEX® Extended; waterproof and
highly breathable. Abrasion-resistant lining
with optimized- climate comfort, especially
for flexible alternating inside and outside
TEXON (fleece) insole absorbs moisture.
Anatomically formed, exchangeable,
washable, very good moisture absorption,
dries quickly.
Rubber/PU sole with a sporty street/terrain
tread. Optimal step and bend behaviour
due to sporty toe and heel rounding. The
low-weight PU, impact-absorbing wedge
ensures outstanding walking characteris-
tics. Fuel-oil resistant, non-marking.
Compliant with EN ISO 20347:2012.
HAIX ® Climate System
The HAIX ® Climate system uses the
pumping movement, which permits air
circulation with every step – warm air is
released and fresh air comes in through the
vent holes at the top of the boot.
HAIX® AS System
The HAIX ® Arch Support System supports
the natural curvature of the foot. Toes and
joints have thereby sufficiently more space.
Keeps foot in the best position for optimal
foot health.
Light weight, leather reinforcement in toe
and heel areas, additional leather reinforce-
ment on both sides of the arch which
extends below the edge of the sole. High
heat-resistant fixing of the sole. Increased
stability of the sole by means of an
extensive plastic joint. This avoids
punctiform pressure on the sole of the foot
f.ex. by small stones.

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