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Страйкбольный автомат ELAKS74MN AEG Essential Steel and black plastic EL-A107S

Модель: E&L EL-A107S ELAKS74MN (Gen.2)
Цена: 854руб.40коп.880руб.80коп.
В рассрочку: 939руб.84коп.

Страйкбольный автомат ELAKS74MN AEG Essential Steel and black plastic EL-A107S

The legendary E&L brand, whose excellent replicas of Russian assault rifles (to name just them!) have won the hearts of airsoft players from around the world, returns with the E&L Essential series. Replicas from this series are less expensive than those of the previous generation while maintaining their quality. Thanks to this, E&L products have gained such a strong position on the airsoft market. Made entirely out of steel, with a realistic look and construction, solid gearbox, and a perfect fit.

What guarantees the authentic feel it is the fact that E&L airsoft replicas are assembled in a factory where real firearms are manufactured, which means that some external elements are identical to the original counterpart and come off the same production line. The manufacturer made sure that the replica was as similar as possible to its original firearm counterpart.

Features of the replica:

- 100% steel construction, without the use of ZnAl elements
- pistol grip, handguard and dust cover made of polymer plastic
- steel parts covered with oxidation
- steel, skeleton stock, folded to the side
- room for the battery under dust cover of the receiver
- metal hop-up chamber
- the possibility of partial disassembly of the replica, like a live firearm - without the use of tools
- magwell spacer for easy magazine replacement
- a polymer mid-cap magazine with a capacity of 150 BBs

The V3 gearbox with which the E&L Essential replicas are equipped has a quick spring change system, and inside you will find such components as:

- stainless steel cylinder
- polycarbonate piston with 1 steel tooth
- abrasion-resistant POM tappet plate
- a set of 9mm steel bearings
- durable powder steel gears
- steel trigger

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

- replica
- mid-cap magazine
- oiler
- cleaning toolbox
- user manual
- QC certificate


Бренд E&L
Принцип действия электропневматический
Версия гирбокса V3
Вес 3575 г
Длина общая 950 мм
Длина со сложеным прикладом 713 мм
Длина внутреннего стволика 443 мм
Начальная скорость 0,2 шаром 120
Тип акб АК под крышку коробки
Комплектность Механический магазин, инструкция, коробка.
Страна происхождения Китай




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