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Модель страйкбольного автомата GR16 MOD5 AT-HT01-BK [Arcturus]

Модель: Модель страйкбольного автомата GR16 MOD5 AT-HT01-BK [Arcturus]
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Модель страйкбольного автомата GR16 MOD5 AT-HT01-BK [Arcturus]

Weight: 2850 g
Magazine model: polymer
Gearbox version: V2
Bearings diameter: 8 mm
Muzzle velocity: 400 fps
Accumulator included in set: NO
Diameter of Internal barrel: 6.01 mm
Magazine capacity: 30/130 BBs
Material: aluminum, polymer, steel
Color: black
Length: 730/825 mm
Muzzle energy: 1.49 J
Length of internal barrel: 280 mm
Fire mode: auto, single
Number of magazines in set: 1 pcs.
BB's: .25g, .23g
Serial number: yes

AT-HT01 is the new assault rifle of Arcturus producer that has already accustomed airsoft players to the reliability, accuracy, and durability of their replicas.

The main elements such as receivers, handguard, outer barrel and receiver extension were made of aluminum and light alloys. Smaller parts, including the flash hider, ambi magazine catch, ambi bolt catch, assist assembly, extension nut, pins and ambi end plate sling mount, as in the case of firearms were made of steel. The whole rifle is well fitted and protected against corrosion.

The reinforced gearbox with proven internal parts is the next advantage of this replica. Quick spring change system, bearing spring guide, bearing piston head, full steel teeth polycarbonate piston, steel gears mounted on 8mm steel bushing to be able to withstand the highest loads. The motor gear is mounted on ball bearings to ensure it can rotate freely at high speeds. In addition, the gearbox is equipped with a microswitch trigger, which, in combination with low-resistance wiring, works great with Li-Po batteries. The use of an electric trigger eliminates also the problem of burned out contacts and improves the response to the trigger. The replica also features a sealed nozzle that works great with a metal rotary hop-up chamber and with a precision 6.01mm hardened steel barrel.

NOTE! The replica has a unique serial number!

The kit includes:
· GR16 MOD5 replica
· folding sights
· 30/130rds DMAG variable-capacity magazine


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