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Цена: 812руб.00коп.856руб.00коп.
В рассрочку: 893руб.20коп.


Отличительные страйкбольных моделей Krytac: Оригинальные маркировки, усиленный гирбокс 2-й версии, оригинальные элементы обвеса, уникальные серийные номера, технология запекания краски при покрытии элементов корпуса, HOP-UP роторного типа и многое другое.

Привод необычайно легкий, за счет использования облегченных алюминиевых сплавов, очень прочных в эксплуатации.


  • Aluminum alloy receiver
  • Alpha 9 metal handguard
  • 8mm ball bearing bushings
  • Quick change spring system
  • Locking bolt and bolt release
  • Ambidextrous sling loops
  • Adjustable iron sights
  • Ambidextrous fire selector
  • Integrated MOSFET
  • Adjustable rotary hop-up
  • Easy maintenance spring guide
  • Anti-corrosion gearbox coating
  • Krytac 20K motor
  • Temperature and wear resistant bucking
  • 6 position Krytac battery stock

Krytac's TRIDENT series airsoft rifles took the airsoft market by storm with overwhelmingly good features, performance, and demand. While they also carried a premium pricetag, Krytac was determined to offer the same kind of high quality AEGs at a more affordable price point and thus their ALPHA series of AEGs were born. 

Externally, the ALPHA CRB series of Krytac rifles have replaced the keymod rail with an ALPHA rail with removable and relocatable rail sections that mount most picatinny/weaver compatible aftermarket accessories to them. The modular ALPHA rail with these rail sections can thus be cutsom fitted with PEQ boxes, lasers, flashlights, grips, and whatever else the mission demands. The same rock solid aluminum receivers sporting the Krytac logo still feature their lefty-friendly ambidexterous fire selector, enlarged trigger guard, and locking charging handle, bolt, and dust cover which provides easy access to the hop up assembly. Changing the hopup is a breeze with Krytac's numbered and locking rotary wheel style hop up that securely holds your settings in place. Removable front and rear adjustable iron sights can be used alone or with aftermarket optics such as red dots or scopes. The Trident battery-holding crane stock was specially designed to be able to store multiple battery types as well. The stock also has two QD sling mount points as well as a slot for using strap-style slings. A metal sling plate between the buffer tube and receivers.

Internally, the ALPHA CRB uses the same tried and true Nautilus Version 2 gearbox. Sporting features such as  8mm ball bearings, easy-change spring system, AOE corrected piston, piston teeth, and cylinder heads, and more. The gearbox shell itself is uniquely designed to reduce chances of fracturing as well as has a viewport for viewing AOE and lubricating gears. Krytac included an in-line MOSFET to reduce wear and tear on the trigger contacts as well as improve responsiveness. A 20K revolution Krytac motor allows for 20+ BBs per second rate of fire when using 11.1v Lipo batteries (not included).

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