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Модель: KRYTAC Trident MK2 SPR AEG (M-LOK) - Black
Цена: 1008руб.00коп.1060руб.00коп.
В рассрочку: 1108руб.80коп.


KRYTAC and the Kriss Arms Group
The KRISS ARMS group, makers of the famous KRISS Vector, took the airsoft community by storm with their announcement of their new line of Airsoft products under the brand KRYTAC. Each of their new rifles sports the fierce KRYTAC Kraken logo. Demanding nothing short of perfection the Krytac engineers designed the ultimate gearbox taking all of the best features and concepts while listening to the wants and needs of the airsoft community. The MKII line brings the newest design improvements for both function and flair to the popular Trident AEGs. 

DEFIANCE TR113 Keymod Rail System
KRYTAC delivers their version of the DMR battle rifle in the KRYTAC Trident SPR. The keymod modular system allows rail sections only where they are needed allowing each operator to customize their KRYTAC rifle exactly how they want it. This versatile rifle features the cutting edge exterior features that real-steel and airsoft enthusiasts demand. The 13" free-floating DEFIANCE TR113 keymod rail system allows for modular mounting of accessories such as lights, lasers, grips, cameras, and more. It's also much lighter than a traditional RIS making it easier to shoulder and kept in the aiming position by minimizing weight-based fatigue. The DEFIANCE rail system has three prongs on the end which help stabilize and support the rifle against barricades when taking shots through windows or over bunkers. It's free-float design nearly seemlessly integrates with the upper receiver for a monolithic, continuous upper rail system used to mount any picatinny/weaver RIS compatible accessories such as scopes, PEQ boxes, or more.  

Battle Tested Aluminum Body
The upper and lower receivers are made out of extremely durable aluminum alloy making this rifle rugged. The MKII Billet style receivers were machined from a single block of metal for maximum durability and a sleek, elegant design. The reinforced billet frame of the gun is laser engraved with the KRYTAC Kraken logo and TRIDENT series trademarks. The lower receiver accepts nearly all M4 magazines. The front of the lower receiver is grooved for operators who prefer the magwell grip hold when firing their rifles. Ambidextrous fire selectors make the rifle easy to use on either side. A functional bolt catch allows easy access to the adjustable hop up system. A Trident MKII DEFIANCE pistol/motor grip replaces the glossy stock grip with a much nicer, more ergonomically minded matte-black design. It's vented motor plate helps keep the motor running cooler under sustained fire. 

KRYTAC Reinvented the Hop-up Wheel
KRYTAC has answered the call to solve a traditional hop up's list of flaws. The rotary style wheel of the Trident's hop up is designed to lock in place, eliminating any chance of hop drift as the rifle is shot. The Trident's rotary wheel is numbered with 15 different settings letting the operator set the hop up to various settings based on BB weight. For example, CQB play with 0.20g BBs versus outdoor field play with 0.25g BBs an operator can quickly change from one previously determined setting to another without having to trial, test, and tweek the hop up between each shot to find the perfect amount of Hop again.

Trident's Triple Configuration Battle Stock
KRYTAC took the traditional crane stock and took it to the next level. This stock can hold 2 batteries simultaneously for on the field hot-swaps keeping downtime to a minimum. A traditional NiMH nunchuck battery and 3-stick LiPO batteries can fit in the side tubes, a small LiPO brick battery can fit in the rear between the buttstock and buttpad. A small stick battery can also fit into the buffer tube. With these three possible configurations there should be nearly no downtime out on the field. The stock also features two QD sling swivel divots as well as a loop for strap type sling attachments.

KRYTAC Defines the New Gearbox
KRYTAC takes the features the airsoft community has come to know and love from other gearboxes designs, eliminated the flaws, and forged their incarnation of the version 2 reinforced gearbox. The gearbox utilizes 8mm ball bearings for near-frictionless gear performance. The anti-corrosion coating gives the Krytac gearbox it's distinct golden look. Integrating a MOSFET to prevent premature trigger contact wear as well as extending battery life and allows this rifle to use 11.1v LiPO batteries. The corners of the reinforced gearbox are rounded to prevent fracturing and features a small window for inspection of the gears and angle of engagement. Lubricating the internals through this window can easily be done without having to open the gearbox too. A quick-change spring system allows for simple spring swaps without total gearbox dis-assembly. The Krytac piston is an extremely durable polymer with 4 metal teeth for increased longevity. The cylinder head comes with pre-installed sorbothane padding to correct angle of engagement as well as reduce shock and impact to the gearbox of the piston assembly. The Krytac motor is capable of up to 30,000 RPM which means great rate of fire. A licensed CMC straight trigger and extended, roomy trigger guard make firing the AEG even with gloves on easy. 

KRYTAC's Extras
Also included with the AEG are a set of detachable, adjustable front and rear all-metal iron sights. One five-slot keymod rail section is included to mount additional accessories to the rail is also included and more rail sections are available here at Airsoft Station. While this rifle comes stock with the federally-mandated blaze orange flash hider, Krytac also included a 14mm CCW threaded metal Trident flash hider as well. This AEG comes with 1 metal high-capacity 350 BB magazine too.

  • Licensed DEFIANCE® TR113 Keymod Hand Guard
  • KRYTAC Metal Alloy Receivers
  • Licensed DEFIANCE® Pistol Grip
  • Licensed CMC Trigger
  • KRYTAC Battery Stock
  • Ambidextrous Fire Selector
  • MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny Top Rail
  • Locking Bolt and Bolt Release
  • Six-Position Numbered Buffer Tube
  • Ambidextrous Sling Loops
  • Adjustable Iron Sights
  • 8mm Ball Bearing Nautilus Mechbox
  • Integrated FET System
  • Easy Spring Access
  • Padded Cylinder Head
  • Relief-cut Cylinder Window
  • Anti-corrosion Mechbox Coating
  • Adjustable Rotary Hop-Up
  • Temperature And Wear Resistant Hop-Up Bucking
  • KRYTAC 30k Neodymium Magnet High-Torque Motor
Velocity 400 FPS / 122 MPS - 420 FPS / 128 MPS
Rate of Fire 20+ RPS
Receiver Material Aluminum Alloy
Hard Guard DEFIANCE® TR113
Inner Barrel Length 416 mm
Inner Barrel Diameter 6.05 mm
Outer Barrel Length 406 mm / 16"
Threaded 14 mm Negative
Overall Length 863 mm / 34" - 945 mm / 37.25"
Weight 2.7 kg / 5.9 lbs
Height 180 mm / 7"
Caliber 6 mm
Color Black
Front Sight Removeable Front Sight
Rear Sight Removeable Rear Sight


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