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Модель: KRYTAC War Sport LVOA-S AEG - Black (KTAEG-LVOAS-BK)
Цена: 1080руб.00коп.1138руб.00коп.
В рассрочку: 1188руб.00коп.


Отличительные страйкбольных моделей Krytac: Оригинальные маркировки, усиленный гирбокс 2-й версии, оригинальные элементы обвеса, уникальные серийные номера, технология запекания краски при покрытии элементов корпуса, HOP-UP роторного типа и многое другое.

Привод необычайно легкий, за счет использования облегченных алюминиевых сплавов, очень прочных в эксплуатации.

This licensed assault rifle replica by War Sport LVOA-S in Combat Grey color is a universal assault rifle, whose optimal length allows for an efficient use both in CQB and open field. The replica features a Licensed War Sport Manufacturing® LVOA-S rail. An aluminum receiver with matte finish bears War Sport markings and is compatible with standard AR/M4 (STANAG) magazines. Its other advantages are a double-sided fire mode selector and an operational bolt catch, which simplifies gaining access to the Hop-Up system of the replica. The rotary Krytac Hop-Up system features 15 numbered settings, which allow to precisely select the setting of a BB spin with regard to the current needs of the User. The replica features a telescopic stock with an adjustable length, inside of which is stored a battery in several possible configurations. The stock also features mounts for the attachment of a tactical sling, including 2 QD swivels - quick detach.

Inside of this replica is a reinforced V2 gearbox mounted on 8 mm ball bearings. The gearbox is equipped with an integrated MOSFET module that controls the operation of electronics and the trigger mechanism. The shape of the gearbox’s frame was designed in such a way so as to maximally safeguard the construction from cracking. Additionally, the gearbox frame features an inspection window on the left side, which allows examining the correctness of the system’s operation and its maintenance (oiling) without having to disassemble the gearbox.
Another prized feature of a Krytac replica is the Quick Spring Release system - a modular guide that allows for the change of the main spring without having to disassemble the gearbox frame. The cylinder head has an enlarged rubber shock-pad, which optimizes the operation of the system and absorbs the energy that arises after the impact of the piston. The material which the gears were made of was specially selected in order to achieve maximum durability. Hardness tests according to the Rockwell scale indicated a much higher than normal results for Krytac gears. The entirety is powered by an efficient high-torque motor capable of even up to 30 000 turns per minute.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

- replica
- magazine
- cleaning rod
- RIS rail
- fixed iron sights
- User’s manual


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