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Well модель снайперской винтовки MB4411D sniper rifle replica OLIVE with scope and bipod

Модель: Well модель снайперской винтовки MB4411D sniper
Цена: 390руб.00коп.
В рассрочку: 429руб.00коп.

Well модель снайперской винтовки MB4411D sniper rifle replica OLIVE with scope and bipod

Сошки и прицел в комплекте!!!

MB4411D spring loaded sniper rifle replica made by WELL. The construction is based on previous, well known WELL replicas. The rifle is bolt operated – it must be reloaded after each shot. The replica is made of metal and fiberglass – reinforced nylon. Massive outer barrel, top RIS rail base, all RIS rails, stock pipe and internals with trigger and bolt handle are all made from metal. The stock, butt stock and pistol grip are made from nylon.

The replica comes with 5 universal RIS accessory rails, which allow installation of many various accessories, including bipods. The replica has 3 main elements: forward stock with RIS rails, trigger mechanism with outer barrel and rear stock with butt and pistol grip. Assembly of these elements takes few moments and requires several allen screws. This solution facilitates transportation of the replica.

The hop-up adjustment is located on the bottom of the stock. Thanks to this it can be operated even during firing. The ergonomic stock folds to the side of the replica, it has adjustable butt plate and fully regulated cheek pad. The pistol grip is profiled and comfortable. Noteworthy is the fact that any M4/M16 pistol grip can be used instead.

High quality internals are all fitted well. The work culture is exceptionally efficient while the reloading and trigger are smooth. The replica has muzzle velocity of ~430 FPS straight out of the box and has 510mm long and effective inner barrel.

The box includes solid, adjustable metal bipod (mounted on the RIS rail) and 3-9x40 scope with smoothly regulated zoom, two part RIS mount and set of covers.

The replica comes with metal 30 round low-cap magazine.

The set includes:

  • the replica

  • magazine

  • bipod

  • scope

  • magazine fastloader

  • cleaning rod

  • sling

  • user manual

  • allen screws for assembly

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