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Сумка тактическая плечевая Axel Tactical Bag - Black

Модель: Сумка тактическая плечевая Axel Tactical Bag - Black
Цена: 100руб.00коп.
В рассрочку: 110руб.00коп.

Сумка тактическая плечевая Axel Tactical Bag - Black

A multi-functional notebook bag made from resistant to wear and tear nylon. Axel features an astounding amount of 24 compartments of various size, which makes it excellent also as an EDC storage unit or a bag for daily use.

The main flap has two small pockets with zippers and characteristic, laser-cut MOLLE webbings covered with hook and loop fastener surface to ease personalization. After opening of the flap we gain access to the main compartment divided into three parts: the first one - foam-strengthened, intended for a notebook; the second one contains many smaller compartments and the third one is narrow, intended for storing of documents. The flap has a closure in the form of polymer buckles with adjustment that allows for the attachment of additional equipment at the bottom of the bag.

The sides feature two integrated, longitudinal compartments with compression belts. Another, not visible from the front, compartment is located at the back of the bag. A comfortable, adjustable load-bearing system is based on a removable main arm strap equipped with a comfort pad and an additional stabilizing belt.

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