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Очки защитные Altimeter goggles/glasses - smoke [MSA]

Модель: Очки защитные Altimeter goggles/glasses - smoke [MSA]
Цена: 38руб.00коп.
В рассрочку: 41руб.80коп.

Очки защитные Altimeter goggles/glasses - smoke [MSA]

A unique combination of the best features of goggles and glasses. The MSA Altimeter is a glasses size product which is adjacent to the face like goggles thanks to the thick rubbers. Additionally, the set includes both, the rubber and the temples so we get to chose from either a strict adhesion or a greater comfort of use. Both the length and the angle of the temples are fully adjustable. Thanks to the 18 ventilation holes the risk of fogging is minimized.

It is hard to find a more universal and versatile solution. If you cannot make up your mind whether you prefer the comfort of the glasses or the safety of the goggles – chose the MSA Altimeter.

The light weight of 36g  is another advantage.

The clear lenses are covered with the Sightguard which prevents from fogging and which provides a good scratch resistance. The whole product meets the EN 166 standard and it characterized by the F hardness class.

      Safety and durability

The glasses have a very high F value of  the lens’ hardness factor as for the airsoft conditions. It expresses the mechanical durability of the material. In this case we are handling with the low energy hit resistance. The lenses are to withstand an impact of a 6mm 0,86g steel BB pellet that moves with the velocity of 45 m/s. When recounted – this result in the kinetic energy of 0,87 J.

      What is the EN166?

The EN166 standard applies for all types of individual eye protection used to protect from all types of dangers that can be met in industries, laboratories, in school buildings, in the do it yourself field and so on where you can hurt your eye or distort the vision – this excludes the nuclear type radiation, X rays, laser emissions and the infrared radiation (IR) that is emitted by low-temperature sources. The specifications of this standard do not apply to the eye protection when other complete standards exists – such as the eye protection against lasers, sunglasses for daily use and so on – under the condition that the standards correspond to the aforementioned standard. The eye protection measures equipped with correction lenses are not excluded from the field of its application. The tolerance of the concentration abilities and other characteristics corresponding with the correction actions are listed in the ISO/DIS8980-1 and in the ISO/DIS8980-2.

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