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Комплект формы ACU китель брюки детский размер Multicam (Ultimate Tactical)

Модель: Комплект формы ACU китель брюки
Цена: 90руб.00коп.110руб.00коп.
В рассрочку: 99руб.00коп.

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Комплект формы ACU китель брюки детский размер Multicam (Ultimate Tactical)

A uniform set that belongs to a uniform series by Ultimate Tactical, offered in several camouflage patterns. This clothing was woven with the use of solid Poly Cotton material that is a mixture of polyester and cotton in a 65/35 ratio. It provides high resistance to staining and mechanical damage due to a reinforcing Rip-stop structure. Furthermore, the material has limited waterproofness (still incomparably higher than pure cotton) and quickly dries out. At the same time the removal of stains is much easier, especially in the case of stains that dissolve in water (mud, grass stains). The set consists of a jacket and trousers.

Jacket Features:

- well-known ACU cut
- zipper closure
- hook&loop-adjustable cuffs
- pockets with hook&loop closure
- 2 slant pockets on the chest
- 2 arm pockets

- pockets for stiff inserts (elbows)
- high collar with hook&loop closure
- a row of hook&loop panels on pockets and chest for the attachment of stripes, markings, etc.

- 3 small pockets on the wrist that can store a pen or tools

Pants Features:

- system of pockets well known from the ACU pattern (8 pockets)
- cargo pockets with hook&loop closures
- additional pockets on the calves
- additional reinforcements on buttocks

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