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Страйкбольная винтовка Swiss Arms SAS 10 Black with bipod [CYBERGUN]

Модель: Swiss Arms SAS 10 Black with bipod [CYBERGUN]
Цена: 416руб.00коп.
В рассрочку: 457руб.60коп.

Страйкбольная винтовка Swiss Arms SAS 10 Black with bipod [CYBERGUN]

Swiss Arms S.A.S. 10 Sniper Rifle

The SAS 10 VSS MSR Action Bolt Sniper by Swiss Arms is a very high quality and robust spring replica of the legendary Remington MSR sniper rifle. The spring must be manually tensioned before each shot. The coated cylinder ensures minimal frictional resistance and thus very quick and easy reloading.

The sturdy shaft is made of high impact polymer and has been weighted with extra weights to bring weight and weight distribution close to the original. The butt plate is also adjustable in height, which allows adaptation to shooters and riflescope.

The complete barrel, trigger guard, system box, magazine slot and repeating lever are made of metal and processed excellently.

Once you have removed the two mounting screws, the rifle can be split into two parts and transported much easier.

Already out of the box, two long 22 mm toprails are mounted in order to be able to attach the desired optics and other tactical accessories without detours.

The magazine holds 40 BBs and the Spring powered Action Gun VSR-10 based outperforms 450 fps (1.9 joules) 



The set includes:
- SAS 10 MSR Action Bolt Sniper 
- Magazine 40 BB 
- folding metal bipod 
- Speedloader & cleaning bar 
- Rifle sling


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