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Страйкбольный пистолет KJW HI-CAPA KP-05 (CO2) GBB оливковая рама

Модель: KJW HI-CAPA KP-05 (CO2) GBB оливковая рама
Цена: 388руб.80коп.
В рассрочку: 427руб.68коп.

Страйкбольный пистолет KJW HI-CAPA KP-05 (CO2) GBB оливковая рама

KP-05 (CO2) pistol replica

The replica was made almost fully of metal. The only plastic made elements are the pistol grip covering panels which are anti-skid profiled and some minor elements of the inner mechanism and the magazine's foot overlay. This model is made with high attention to detail and is good balanced what significantly improves its stability while shooting. The pistol's weight itself - over one kilogra - allows to compensate the effect of the strong blow back. It is also worth mentioning that the pistol grip itself - as it was already mentioned is anti-skid profiled. It is made by the Japanese KOBA company and ensures the pistol's stability in the hand while operating with it. 

What is important - the replia can be easily and fast disassembled in order to clean it what in the case of the green-gas models is very important. The full user's manual on how to conduct such operation is located in the package. 

The pistol bases on the Colt's construction with all of its advatanges. First of all, it is equipped with the ambidextrous safety lever what significantly facilitates the operation with the pistol for both, left and right handed users. The second form of safety of preventing a random  accidental discharge, for example resulting from hooking the trigger on the holster, is the safety located in the pistol grip. It is impossible to shoot with the replica without holding it properly in the hand. 

We are dealing here with a very realistic blow-back system. With each shot, the replica's slide moves backwards and than comes back to the primary position loading the BB pellet to the chamber at the same time. After the last shot and meeting the empty magazine, the slide remains in the backwards position. Due to the type of the used gas - carbon dioxide - the kick is very strong what is, without any doubt, an attration for the fans of increased realism of the skirmish. 

The replica is equipped with a RIS standard rail located in front of the trigger guard. It allows a troublefree mount of a laser target marker or a small tactical flashlight. The iron aiming sights - both, the front iron aiming sight and the rear iron aiming sight - are marked with bright dots what facilitates the aiming and placing an accurate shot.

Another vital advantage of the pistol is the adjustable hop-up system which significantly improves the replicas range ( under the conditio n that it is adjusted properly). What is also imporant, the extended magazine holds 29 BB pellets. This gives the user a significant advantage on the battle field. 

The set inclydes a magazine for the 12g CO2 cartridges, yet it is possible to use the green-gas powered magazines. The gas cartridge is mounted in the magazine after taking out the plastic cover. 


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