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WE Модель пистолета SOCOM M.E.U. (OD) - no rail

Модель: WE Модель пистолета SOCOM M.E.U. (OD) - no rail
Цена: 240руб.00коп.
В рассрочку: 264руб.00коп.

WE Модель пистолета SOCOM M.E.U. (OD) - no rail

материал корпуса: металл

тип газа: грин газ

система блоу бэк

The WE made MEU replica was made with high attention to details. Slide, frame and magazine were made from metal, only the grips were made from polymer – just like in real firearm. The grips are interchangeable and feature comfortable anti-slip texture. The quality and elements fitting can be seen and felt after taking the replica into hands. The materials used make it weigh almost like the original firearm.

The safety mechanisms are fully functional and resemble those from real pistol – the first one is safety in the grip, which allows the pistol to be shot only with correct position of the hand on the grip, the second is safety lever locking the slide.

Thanks to strong blow-back system shooting the replica also resembles using the real pistol – the system moves slide after each shot and locks it in the back position when the magazine is empty. It produces hard recoil kick and provides the user with thrills and fun when shooting.

The replica comes with metal magazine which holds 15 bb"s and also stores green gas.

The set includes:


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