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Защитная система FAST PJ Piloteer Helmet Replica - Tan (UTT)

Модель: Защитная система FAST PJ Piloteer Helmet Replica - Tan (UTT)
Цена: 200руб.00коп.
В рассрочку: 220руб.00коп.

Защитная система FAST PJ Piloteer Helmet Replica - Tan (UTT)

Реплика шлема предназначена только для игры в Страйкбол!!!!

FAST helmets set new quality standards in terms of head protection. The comfort of wearing and versatility alike are the definite markers of this series.

The webbing is based on foam pads, whose position can be rearranged in order to ideally adapt the helmet to the shape of a head. A 4-point suspension features a rapid and easy way of adjustment and additionally it is a closed system, does not feature any loose, outstanding straps. The adjustment range is increased by a rear module for the adjustment of the webbing’s diameter via a knob. Webbing’s elements and suspension are supports that are covered with a material that absorbs perspiration.

On the outside, the helmet has an integrated night vision goggles mount. A significant part of the shell’s surface on the side and in the rear is occupied by a hook and loop fastener, which can be used for the attachment of straps, identification elements or a visible light / IR marker.

The helmet’s uniqueness, however, takes the form of a modular mask, which if needed can be easily removed. Removal is conducted by pressing the lock buttons on both sides of the helmet, which enables the sliding off the mask from special mounting rails. The shield features a high-quality visor made of durable, elastic polymer. Good air circulation and the fact that the distance between the visor and eyes result in practically no misting over, so problematic in the case of goggles.

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